The Power Lives Within You

"The portal to the Highest expression of your Self is through your Self"

Our mission is to hold space for women to unravel old stories, transform struggle into freedom, and emerge wholly into their purpose. We believe in the power of sisterhood, vulnerability, and inner work to resurrect the most vibrant, divine version of yourself.

Sacred Containers

  • 4 weeks

  • 8 weeks

  • 3 months

I support you to live in the highest manifestation of your Divine expression

We are all souls in bodily vessels here to experience the Earthly realm and to experience life as we reconnect and remember our soul’s essence and truth.

You are an expression of the Divine but somewhere along this journey you have forgotten who you are - are you ready to come back home to your Self? To know your Self as you truly are?

YOU get to decide how you want to show up on, and for this journey.​

Through each of my offerings is the opportunity to experience healing, empowerment and connection through the light that lives within each of us. Through the embodiment of wisdom and love, I guide you to reclaim your inner power, to raise your vibrations and to unlock your fullest potential!

You were guided here, to this very moment in time.

I am grateful for your presence.​

This moment is a turning point.

The question is: Are you ready?

My Offerings

    I hold myself and my work to the highest ethical standards, being impeccable with my word and walking my talk in alignment with my teachings.


    I am devoted to serving from my heart, meeting each woman where she is, and creating a nurturing space for her innermost transformation. This work is a sacred honour.

  • LOVE

    Love is the foundation of my work. I hold space for each woman with unconditional love - embracing her humanness while bearing witness to her highest potential.


    I move in faith - showing up in service, speaking truth with compassion, and inspiring women to have faith in themselves and the sacredness within.


    Grateful for the honour of bearing witness to the courage and growth of each woman who allows me to walk alongside them on this sacred journey.

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Your love notes

  • Kiran - 1:1 Mentoring


    "Since I've met Iman, my life has changed. During a one-on-one session, Iman held a divine safe space for me & supported me as she helped me channel my energy in the session. She invited me to face my fears to be able to come into true alignment with myself & my highest goals. At the end of the session, I felt thoroughly nourished physically, emotionally, & spiritually. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs support, positive energy & healing through her presence."

  • KA - Sekhem Energy Healing


    "Having never heard of Sekhem healing, I went into the sessions completely open. I was surprised at how accurately Iman was able to identify which chakras needed healing. Even though the sessions were remote, I felt Iman’s guidance throughout & came away from it feeling like I had done an incredibly powerful spiritual workout. I found that Sekhem healing has helped me over the weeks to make peace with a few challenges in my life & move forward in a healthy way. My heart is feeling so much more rested, open & full. If you are open to receiving gentle yet deep healing, I would not hesitate to book in with Iman. This has been the most empowering spiritual experience I have had in such a short space of time & I’m so grateful to Iman for helping with this element in my life."

  • Fatou - Sekhem Energy Healing


    "Oh wow! I really enjoyed my Sekhem remote healing session with Iman. She is gentle, compassionate & incredibly gifted. Even though it was remote, it felt like she was in the room with me. I could feel her presence & the energy. I felt very calm & relaxed, the hour healing session went by so quick. I really appreciated the report she emailed me detailing everything that happened during the healing - that was a real eye opener & allowed me to see what I need to work on in my journey in this life. 

    I can't thank you enough & I will definitely be buying more sessions soon."

  • Monica - Women's Circles


    "From the first women's circle that I attended with Iman, I cannot believe how much my life has transformed. For me it was instant. Every word she spoke, the journalling she made us do to the meditation, it all resonated with me. Since then, I have had 1:1 sessions. She has helped me with fertility issues, my relationship, my growth both as a person and spiritually. Her sense and connectivity is so strong and it is obvious this is definitely one of her purposes. She has empowered me as a woman and a being."

  • Luise - Sekhem Energy Healing


    "During my healing, I felt a sense of pure gratitude for where I am at in my life, as if I was watching myself from above and could reflect on all my achievements, and see my own happiness and what's important. I truly believe Iman cultivates this openness in my heart through her healing work. Thank you Iman."

  • Bami, K - 1:1 Mentoring


    "Iman has truly been my first spiritual guide/ spiritual healer. It's like she knows what I need before I need it, and honestly it's been so incredible, especially finding someone to support me during a time when I have been struggling during this global pandemic. What I love about her approach is that she always gives me guidance but never does the work for me or pushes me in one specific direction. I'm so grateful for the growth and I am looking forward to working with her long term"

  • Danielle - Salt Cave Meditation & Energy Healing


    "Fantastic as always, very relaxing and Iman is brilliant at what she does. The healing has really helped me in my health and everyday life. 100% would recommend to anyone who needs to relax and relieve stress, or someone who needs a little healing."

  • Sheila - Salt Cave Meditation & Energy Healing


    "Thank you so much for the Salt Cave session, I would LOVE to do this again. I feel so happy and claim after this session. I love the energy healing that you gave during the session as well. Can't wait to be back."

  • Diva - Women's Circles


    "I love the women's circle Iman holds. I was very unsure/ sceptical when I first attended but so much of what Iman discussed resonated really deeply with me. I love the guided visual meditations we run through and always find them extremely insightful. I prioritise attending the circles because they are truly a sacred safe space for women to connect and I always leave them feeling more peaceful and centred. I would highly recommend attending a women's circle with Iman, and I believe they would be a positive experience for literally anyone!"

  • Kaley - Women's Circles


    "I have joined Iman and the other sisters in Circle since late 2020. It's one of the ways in which I show myself self care and self love. After each circle I feel lighter, loved and supported. Iman has a magical way of making you feel comfortable and safe and always extends her support outside of the Circle. I am truly so happy I heard the call to join Iman on this journey and so grateful for the sisters. Thank you xx"

  • Sukhi - Women's Circles


    "Iman's power, energy, magic and gift continue to amaze me. I have joined the online circle three times and this wonderful community and safe space has become a healing ground. Through Iman's circle, safety and powerful meditations, I was able to explore my inner child and "come home to myself". Iman has helped me learn to regain my power, and in the company of respectful sisters, you know you are not alone. I always now personally make time for this circle, no matter how busy my day has been."

  • Manisha - Sekhem Energy Healing


    "I was fortunate enough to receive a Sekhem healing treatment by Iman and I highly recommend it to others. The energy felt was irrefutable and strong and I felt a strong sense of peace and healing. Iman is knowledgeable and competent within this practice and can be held in high regard in relation to energy healing. I would strongly recommend to all."

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