Welcome beloved

Born in the enchanting land of Egypt, Iman inherits a powerful lineage of mysticism, timeless magic and ancient healing traditions. 

In deep connection with the universal forces that govern our lives, Iman mastered the sacred arts; training extensively in intimate modalities like energy work, somatic healing, womb healing, Divine feminine empowerment and soul embodiment. Through her expressions of love and wisdom, ritual and ceremony, Iman guides women to release limits, integrate their shadow and give birth to their highest potential

As a modern priestess, blending ancient rituals with contemporary practices, Iman creates a healing sanctuary for spiritual growth and transformation; a portal for women seeking to rediscover their inner power and awakening. 

In dedication to the journey of wholeness, reclamation and devotion, Iman’s grounded energy and ancestral knowledge creates a nourishing space for you to heal, grow, and step into and expand your highest potential - body, mind and soul. 

Receive her blessings and watch your inner magic unfold.

Iman ~ an Arabic word meaning faith, belief or trust


Here to be of service.

Iman's intention is to lovingly guide women on journeys of growth and transformation that honour their inner wisdom, and their divine feminine energy. She aspires to create sacred spaces where women can integrate their whole beings, embody self-love and manifest their highest potential.

This is your space - we honour your agency and needs. Iman is trauma informed, so our work is all permissions based. Our journey together work unfolds entirely on your terms and timeline.

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As the essence from which our work is created, our simple yet profound values are integrated into all that we do. Grounded in the pillars of gratitude, love, integrity, devotion and faith, Iman aims to guide women on their journeys with wisdom, compassion and grace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What training do you have?

I have a number of modalities and trainings that I bring into our sacred containers.

I am a certified Sekhem master: an ancient Egyptian system of healing and spiritual development. I am also a certified Womb & Fertility Massage™ practitioner, a Women's Circle Facilitator with Global Sisterhood and a Somatic Educator for Women.

I have completed diplomas in shadow work mastery, inner child healing, the divine feminine, ancestral healing and Ancient Egyptian Shamanism.

More importantly to me, I am a student of life. I use my intuition and connection to divine realms, as well as knowledge of the laws of the universe, spirituality and real life experience of healing from: trauma in relationships, mother and father wounding, ancestral trauma, low confidence, lack of self-love and healing the masculine/ feminine energies within.

How do I know if you're the right space holder for me?

Only you will truly know the answer to this. If you have connected with me in some way, even by being here now, there is a deeper calling for you to explore.

Look within your heart. If a "yes" resonates in your spirit, trust this energetic alignment: you have found the right space for you.

My aim is to hold a safe, sacred space for your unfolding.

How can we work together?

Book your free 20 minute call, fill out the application that is sent to you in advance and we can explore which program feels most resonant.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, there are payment plans available for all sacred containers.