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    - 2x live 60min monthly somatic sessions- Access to recorded playback
    - 1x live 60min monthly Q+A 
    - Private telegram group for daily support + connection
    - Discount on 1:1 sessions 
    - Guest sessions from healers + teachers

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    Sisters in Soma 

Your online portal dedicated to somatic healing, self-discovery & sisterhood

In this sacred space, you learn how to:

✨ pay attention to your sensations + emotions

✨ calm your nervous system

✨ feel more secure + resilient

✨ accept + embrace all parts of yourself (yes, even the parts you pushed away)

✨ remember what it means to feel alive, embodied + holy AF!

✨ listen to your body’s wisdom + reconnect with your true self

✨ uncover what is hidden + heal your trauma

✨ better understand who you are + how you relate to the world around you

+ so much more!

Somatic healing addresses the mind-body connection, helping release stored tension, trauma & emotions from the nervous system & body.

I created this sacred portal for you.

Because you're the type of woman who desires to:

👉🏼 alchemise your shadows into sources of power

👉🏼 unlock the sensual goddess within

👉🏼 connect intimately within yourself + to life itself

👉🏼 embody pleasure as a pathway to wholeness

👉🏼 thrive as an embodied, sovereign woman

👉🏼 listen to your intuition + the wisdom of your body

👉🏼 heal your trauma + move through limitations

👉🏼 meet all parts of who you are

👉🏼 come home to yourself

Become a Soma Sister today.

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